Why Do Your Brakes Wear Out So Quickly? A Look At Common Problems

5 October 2017
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You use them every day and rely on them to safely bring your vehicle to a stop with a press of your foot. Your car's brakes are an important safety component and should be well maintained. If your brake pads are constantly in need of replacement, this can be a worrisome issue for sure. Here is a look at three reasons why car brakes can wear out faster than they should. 

The brakes you're putting on your car are not high-quality. 

If you replace the brakes on your vehicle yourself, you probably go to the auto parts store and tell them to give you the cheapest they have for your vehicle model. When it comes to brakes, which are such an important safety feature for your vehicle, it is always best to be willing to spend the extra to get high-quality types. When you entrust brake replacement to a licensed mechanic, you can rest easy knowing they used only the best brakes for your vehicle because they know to do so. 

The rotors of your wheels need to be replaced. 

For regular padded brakes, when you press the pedal, the brake pads apply pressure to the wheel rotors that are spinning. Normally, rotors are a smooth, even metal cylinder, so the applied pressure should not damage the pads when you use your brakes. However, if the wheel rotors are worn or damaged, it creates friction with the brake pads and they will wear down much faster than they should. If you are constantly having to have your brakes replaced, make sure you have an auto service check your wheel rotors for damage. 

You are using your brakes improperly. 

The most common reason people have to have their brakes replaced more often than usual boils down to simple errors made when driving. There are a few things that you may do when you are driving that are hard on the brakes of your car, including:

  • Using both of your feet to drive
  • Not slowing down slowly in anticipation of full stops
  • Riding your brakes on constant basis

If you catch yourself doing these things, it is best to train yourself to avoid these driving behaviors so your brakes will last as they should. 

Having your brakes wear out all the time can get frustrating and can even be hard on the rest of your vehicle. If you're having issues with your car brakes, contact an auto service near you, such as Huntington Beach Transmissions, for professional advice and attention.