Tips For Getting An Inexpensive Oil Change

9 October 2017
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Oil changes are one of the most routine aspects of overall vehicle maintenance. It's always important to make sure that your car is operating with crisp, clean oil because you don't want to risk hampering the performance or causing your engine any harm. However, because the need for an oil change comes up so frequently, it could be starting to tax your wallet. If oil change time is here and you're low on money, you might be struggling to decide how to handle the situation. Rather than putting off the oil change, use the information below to find out how you can get an oil change that won't stretch your budget too tightly:

Check The Back Of Your Grocery Receipts

A little-known way for you to get a discounted oil change could be lurking in a place where you never thought about looking: The back of your grocery store receipt. There, you could find a coupon that helps you get a fantastic rate when you take your car in for an oil change.

Automotive centers frequently link up with grocery stores to offer these kinds of deals. Doing so helps to bring in more business and can help the repair facility start a relationship with a client that could last a long time. Placing the coupons on the underside of the receipt is a great form of advertising because the receipts are printed out so repetitively.

What you want to do is head over to your junk drawer and peruse over the receipts to find out if one has a coupon on the back of it. If you don't have any old receipts on hand, you might even want to think about going to the store and making a small, inexpensive purchase. It just might be your lucky day!

Group Buying Vouchers Help You Save

When you have a moment, head over to a group buying website. Check under the "Automotive" category, and look at what you find. Repair technicians sometimes offer group voucher discounts on routine maintenance. Because the deals are cyclical it's important to get them while they're hot. If you see a bargain rate for an oil change, go ahead and nab it right now. It's sure to come in handy when you need it.

Oil changes are essential and definitely shouldn't be overlooked. When it's time to change your oil, use these tips to get it done on a budget. Contact a company like M & R Automotive Service Center Inc for more information and assistance.