3 Factors That Can Make Your Auto Glass Repair Or Replacement A Little More Costly

11 October 2017
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Whether your windshield is damaged during an accident or you have a small flaw that just keeps getting bigger, it is convenient that you can have your entire windshield replaced or simple repairs done as they are needed. One of the primary concerns most vehicle owners have when they are facing auto glass repairs or replacement is the price involved. In general, the costs of windshield repair and replacement are affordable, but there are certain situations when the fix may be a little higher than most. Here are a few factors that can make your auto glass repair or replacement a little more expensive. 

Your car is considered antique or a classic. 

If the original windshield is still in place on your classic ride, it can mean that replacement or repairs will cost a little more than they would for a typical vehicle. There are a few reasons why this is the case, including:

  • Antique auto glass can be harder to remove and takes longer to replace
  • Full windshields can be harder to find if you need a replacement
  • Repairs to the glass can be a little more time-consuming 

In addition, some of the older forms of auto glass are not as easily repaired as modern versions. Therefore, full replacement is more often necessary. 

Your car windshield has special features or components. 

Maybe your windshield has an integrated defrost system, an antenna built in, or even factory tint or a digital display system. If you have auto glass that is not typical or that is outfitted with certain features, there is a good chance the costs of repairs or replacements will be a little higher. This can of course depend on the location of the damage and whether it will interfere with the existing features. In some cases, rewiring will have to be done or special things performed to restore the auto glass to its prior condition. 

You have a high-end luxury vehicle. 

Some of the more high-end vehicles have windshields that are made from special materials. This is especially true if you own a foreign-made luxury vehicle that can travel at a high rate of speed. Some of these cars must have different forms of auto glass to handle the increased wind resistance that comes along with traveling the highway at a fast pace. Therefore, the cost of obtaining a new replacement windshield can be higher and repairs can be a little harder to achieve.