Should You Stay Or Should You Go? Choosing Mobile Or Onsite Maintenance For Your Commercial Fleet

15 October 2017
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Mobile repair services have made life a lot easier for many drivers. However, choosing whether to go with a mobile service or take the vehicle in to have the repair company work on it on site at the repair shop isn't always a straightforward decision. And sometimes, even the "obvious" choice isn't the right one, when you think about it. The next time one of your commercial fleet vehicles needs repair, look at these aspects to determine if the car stays with you or goes to the shop.

Room to Move

No matter how simple the repair is, the repair company will need room to maneuver. The repair vehicle will need a parking spot next to the trucks that need repair, and the tech will need room to move around the vehicles. If you work out of a small, crowded center, for example, the repair company might not be able to do much simply because there is not enough room. In these cases, taking the truck to the repair company instead is a must.

Job Size

The more complicated the repair, the more likely it is that you have to bring the vehicle to the repair shop -- for the most part. Sometimes simple repairs require equipment found only at the shop, such as a lift to help make the underside of the car easier to see -- unlike what you see on TV shows, mechanics need more than a board on wheels to fully observe what's happening under the car.

Number of Jobs

Even if you have enough room in your parking lot, even if the work is simple, if you have a lot, it may be easier just to bring it to the repair shop where multiple techs can work on it. That would save you a lot of time. If one guy is changing the oil, another is checking the tires, and a third is changing the battery, you will get your truck back a lot faster than if you had one person come out to do all of that work.

Busy Schedules

One time when using the mobile service is a good idea is when you can't afford to have trucks out of service for a long time. By bringing the repairs to your company, you save on travel time. After all, that's one of the main reasons why mobile services started -- when you just don't have time to bring the vehicle to the shop, the shop can come to you.

Contact a couple of repair places, such as C L Enterprises, and see what they offer -- some do both mobile and onsite work. Discuss what you need and go from there.