3 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Diesel Engine

22 October 2017
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One of the most important components on your vehicle is your engine. If you have a diesel engine, it is important to monitor your coolant, keep your engine clean, and change out the fuel filter.

#1 Keep an Eye On Your Coolant Levels

You never want your vehicle to overheat. One way you can prevent your vehicle from ever overheating is by keeping an eye on your coolant level. Your coolant helps keep your engine cool, even on the hottest days and when it is under stress.

Make sure you keep your coolant above the minimum fill line. When you check your coolant, be sure to put the cap on tight. If you don't put the cap on tight, your coolant will burn off faster than it should. If your coolant drops below the minimum fill line, be sure to top it off.

Also, keep an eye on your coolant and make sure that it doesn't degrade. If you notice the color or smell of your coolant changing over time, your coolant's quality is degrading. Over time, the coolant can change and become acidic. When that happens, it can damage your engine.

#2 Change Out Fuel Filters

It is important to keep your fuel filters clean in your disease engine. A clean fuel filter will help keep out unnecessary debris from your getting into your engine and compromise the quality of your engine and your overall gas mileage.

Keep in mind that if you have a newer diesel engine, your vehicle most likely has two fuel filters. Newer diesel engines tend to have two fuel filters, both a primary filter as well as a secondary filter. You should keep both filters clean for optimal performance from your diesel engine. To keep your engine working best, replace both the primary and second fuel filters at the same time instead of staggering when you replace each filter.

#3 Keep The Air Filter Cleaned

Finally, make sure that you keep the air filter clean as well. How often the air filter needs to be replaced can depend on a wide variety of factors. The more miles you drive; the sooner you will need to replace your air filter. When you drive also influences how often your air filter needs to be replaced. If you often drive in rush hour traffic or in areas with heavy smog, your air filter is going to be to be replaced sooner compared to someone who only drives their vehicle on the weekends in a place with good air quality.

Keep an eye on your air filter, and monitor how clean it is easy few weeks. Over time, you should get a feel for how often you need to change your air filter based on how you drive and the air quality in the area where you live. Contact a local truck service for more information.