Planning A Long Family Trip? Consider Renting A Minivan To Keep Everyone Comfortable

23 October 2017
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If you're planning a long family trip that involves several days of driving, you should look into renting a minivan for the occasion. Even if your family can squeeze into a typical car, a minivan offers much more room and comfort. Plus, you'll have more room to store luggage or vacation gear in a minivan than in a car. Here are some reasons minivan rental could be a good option for your vacation trip.

Saves Wear And Tear On Your Vehicle

If your family car is an old clunker, then it makes sense to rent a reliable vehicle for a long road trip. However, even if you have a newer car that is in good shape, you may want to think twice before you rack up hundreds or thousands of miles from a cross-country vacation. If you're leasing the car, the extra miles could put you over your mileage limit and result in additional fees at the end of your lease. If you own your car, the long drive ages it quicker than necessary. The miles accumulated on a cross-country drive could be more than you would normally accumulate in several months of daily driving. If you rent a vehicle, the rental van accumulates the wear and tear of the driving while your car sits nice and protected in your garage.

A Minivan Gives Everyone Room

Personal space is important on a long road trip. It doesn't take long for tempers to flare when you're cooped up in a small space and fighting over arm or leg room. While your kids still need to be buckled in and sitting in the seats properly, they can spread out in a minivan so they can play with their toys or watch movies without being bothered by a pesky brother or sister. If you're traveling with older family members, they'll appreciate the comfort of sitting in a minivan for long hours as compared to being in a cramped car. Some minivans offer adjustable seating. If you can fold a seat into the floor, that makes for spacious legroom for those sitting in the back.

A Minivan Carries A Lot Of Cargo

If you're combining a vacation with taking one of your kids to college across the country, or if you need to haul a lot of cargo during your trip, a minivan might be the least expensive way to do it. While it won't hold as much as a moving van or truck, it still holds a surprising amount of cargo, especially if you can fold down a back seat to make it flat with the floor. A minivan is less expensive to rent than a moving van, and unlimited mileage will probably be included. Also, a minivan is easier to drive, and passengers can still ride in the back seats. If you need to haul a lot of cargo or vacation supplies such as camping equipment, then renting a minivan might be the ideal solution.

If you rent a newer minivan, it may come with nice perks such as a device charger or DVD screens to keep passengers in the back occupied. Driving a minivan is often much more comfortable than driving a car too, due to the larger seats and extra leg room. A minivan can go anywhere a car can go so you won't have to worry about making it through parking garages or bridges. A minivan could enhance your vacation by keeping everyone happier and more comfortable. Plus riding in a minivan could be something new and different for your kids, which adds to their vacation experience.