Starting A Long Commute? Here's How To Maintain Your Car

29 October 2017
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If you just moved or you found a job far from where you live, you are probably wondering how your car will take the longer commute you are not used to. The best way to prevent any costly problems is by keeping up with preventative maintenance. There is really no way to getting around maintenance because if your car is not regularly serviced, it won't last you as long as you would like.

Before you start your new commute schedule, you have to take your car to auto repair shops for service. Regular maintenance is exactly what it states on your car manual and if the car has a severe duty then you should follow it as well.

Use the Right Oil

Since your car will be getting more beating than usual, you need to take more care of it. You can opt to use synthetic oil and change it as regular as required. Yes, synthetic oil is definitely more expensive but if you consider how much you will spend to replace your engine, you will understand the benefits of using premium oil. If your engine is supercharged or turbocharged then the more reason you should use synthetic oil to support the high thermal stress.

Replace Bearings, Belts, and Bushings

At one point, you will have to change the bearings, bushings, and belts and what more of a better time to do it than now. The wear parts include the tires, shock absorbers, brake pads, timing, and accessory belts. After you have all these changes, have the bearings and belts changes in order to avoid auto repair soon. Most of these parts are relatively cheap so you can have all of them replaced at the same time in order to save on labor.

Keep the Car Clean

Just as you keep your car parts in tip-top condition, you should keep your car clean as well. Wash off the road salts and other environmental dirt to forestall corrosion and faded paint. If your car will be running for a long time, you want to have it nice to look at. In addition to that, if you take it upon yourself to wash your own car, you will have the opportunity to notice small problems like cracked lenses that could, later on, cost you a lot more to repair.


A car should always be in a good condition. However, if you are planning for a longer commute them you need to take better care of it. Contact your local auto repair shops for more information and assistance.