Five Transmission Problems You Should Not Ignore

30 October 2017
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Many people go about their day to day commute without actually thinking about how their car is working to get them from A to B. This is why many people run into problems with their vehicles because they aren't paying attention to any possible problems the car might have that's worth looking into. Here are five small transmission problems to take note of and get looked into right away:

  1. Rough Shifting: If your vehicle feels as if it doesn't want to shift gears, you can tell because it will rev before switching. You might also notice that it's rough to pick up speed or a there's a small thud when it shifts gears. It's important to take your vehicle in right away because you likely need transmission repair at this point and you'll want to avoid the possibility of it getting worse, which can lead to the need to replace your transmission. 
  2. Slipping: Slipping is when your vehicle switches gears for no reason. This is also noticeable by a whining sound coming from the engine, so be sure to lower the music if you feel like your vehicle is slipping so you can hear this sound. Take your vehicle in at this point, as well to ensure that repairs are made before it becomes worse. 
  3. Delay in Movement: If there's a long pause between when you go from park to drive or reverse to drive, then you definitely have a problem that needs to be looked into. There should never be a pause here, but instead your car should start to accelerate right away. 
  4. Transmission Leak: Fluid coming from the transmission is never a good thing since the transmission is so tightly sealed. If this does happen, it means there is a leak. You can tell if it's a transmission leak by the color of the fluid, which would either be a dark or bright red color. You want to take your car in to either have the leak patched or have the hoses replaced depending on where the leak is coming from and how large it is. 
  5. Warning Lights: Finally, you'll know there is a possible problem with the transmission if a warning light appears on your dashboard. Too often people ignore these, which causes problems. Instead, have the problem diagnosed by a professional and fixed if necessary. 

When you aren't ignoring the above transmission problems, you are less likely to spend a ton of money on repairs for your vehicle, as well as component replacement. This can get pricey, especially if it's the transmission that ultimately needs replacing. Visit a local auto transmission service shop if you have more questions.