How Long Should You Expect Your Car Battery To Last?

6 November 2017
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Your car battery's life depends on how long it can hold its charge and its recharging ability. Once it reaches the point where it is no longer able to be recharged, it is as good as dead. Many environmental factors can affect the life of your car battery, including the temperature and humidity. An average life of a car battery is two to five years long.

When to Replace Your Car Battery?

Car batteries don't have the ability to tell you if they are about to die soon or not. And it seems that they usually die at the worst possible place and time. If you think that the battery will not age when if the car is just sitting around, then you are wrong. So, how can you possibly know when to replace it? Well, you simply can't know for sure.

It is recommended to replace car batteries every four years, even if they tested to be working just fine at the car service station. There is another option though, and that is to replace batteries every three years, which is maybe an even better solution. Some mechanics at the auto repair shops recommend replacing them every four or five years, but you probably shouldn't wait that long.

Factors That Can Help You

There are some factors that can help you determine when to replace your car battery. Signs of corrosion buildup or acid leaking are usually signs that your car battery is going to die soon. You can see how good your car battery is by checking what type of warranty your battery came with. The basic rule here is that your car battery is usually only as good as the warranty it came with.

One thing that is good to remember at all times is to test your car battery regularly to see what shape it is in. Cleaning the connected wires and the outside of its terminals is another thing that you can do.

How Much Does a New Battery Cost?

One of the cheapest batteries that you can buy is about $99. However, if you are going for a gel battery, which can run at higher levels and last longer, then be ready to pay anywhere up to $200. The price of a quality lead-acid battery is usually between $80 and $170, with the average price being about $125. A typical battery usually runs anywhere from $50 to $120, while the premium battery, which can last longer, may run from $90 to $200.

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