3 Ways To Treat Your Truck Well This Spring

23 March 2018
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Just like your house, your truck or vehicle could use a little spring assistance in order to keep everything running well.

#1 Change Your Engine Air Filter

Your vehicle's engine does not run on gas alone. It also needs oxygen to combust with the gas inside of your engine to create the power needed to get you to where you need to go.

Your vehicle has an engine air filter that is designed to filter out all the nasty stuff in the air before it goes into your engine. It removes dust and smog particles from the air that it sucks in before it goes inside of your engine. This helps protect your vehicle's engine.

When your air filter starts to get really dirty, it is not able to do its job as effectively as it should. Your engine air filter needs to be changed every few oil changes or every few years. How often it needs to be changed depends on where you live and the type of driving that you do. This spring, check your engine air filter to see if it is in need of a replacement.

#2 Inspect Your Transmission Fluid

It is not enough to just keep your transmission fluid levels full; you also want to make sure that the fluid inside of your transmission is clean as well. If you pull out the dipstick for your transmission fluid, the fluid should appear almost transparent and free of debris. If the fluid looks cloudy or thick, or you can see flakes of debris in the fluid, it is time to flush your transmission.

When your transmission is flushed, all the old transmission fluid is drained out of your vehicle and replaced with new transmission fluid. Your transmission fluid doesn't need to be flushed as often as your vehicle needs to have its oil changed, but it still needs to be done on a semi-regular basis.

#3 Rotate Your Tires

Finally, take your vehicle in and get your tires rotated. All of your tires are not created equally. Some of your tires may experience more pressure and wear and tear on them over time than other tires. Your goal for your tires is to have them all wear down evenly so when it comes time to replace your tires, you can replace all of your tires at once. It is a good idea to get your tires rotated on a seasonal basis to ensure that they continue to wear evenly. Having evenly worn tires will help your vehicle grip the road properly.

This spring, change out the air filter for your engine, inspect your transmission fluid to see if it needs to be flushed and remember to rotate your tires to keep the tire wear evenly distributed. Contact a company like All Around Truck & Trailer Service for more information and assistance.