Adding Certified Brand-Name Accessories To Your Luxury Vehicle

5 March 2019
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When you buy a luxury vehicle, it is a great experience. It is that moment when you realize that you actually have the wealth needed to buy such a vehicle and that you will absolutely be able to afford the payments. Perhaps what is even more impressive is that your repairs will not need to occur as often, and that certified repair shops are available with the expertise to do said repairs so that your luxury vehicle is never scratched, marred, or damaged more when you get it back than when you brought it in to be fixed. That is especially good news when you want to attach certified brand-name accessories to your vehicle after you have purchased it. As an example, here are some of the services and accessories offered by a Mercedes service shop so that you can see what may be available for your own luxury vehicle. 

Roof Racks

If you are the outdoorsy, touristy type, then maybe a roof rack is something you want to add to your luxury vehicle. These racks are designed to haul everything from luggage to kayaks, canoes to bicycles, and so on. All roof racks for all models of luxury cars, SUVs, minivans, and station wagons are designed to add more to your vehicle with very little marring or damage when they are attached. If at any point in time you want to remove the racks, you will not be able to notice or see where the racks had been attached. 

Cow Catchers (or "Grills")

Luxury trucks, SUVs, and minivans all have the ability to add either chrome-plated or black matte-electroplated cowcatchers to the fronts of the vehicles. (They may also be called "grills," but grills are typically already part of the front ends of these vehicles, making the wording a little confusing.) If you choose to install either type of accessory to the front of your luxury vehicle, the accessory will be attached underneath the front fender to the frame of the vehicle. Various designs exist, based on the make and model of your luxury vehicle. 

Hood Ornaments

Hood ornaments may be standard on most luxury cars and trucks, but a lot of owners want something flashier. You can buy a gold-plated hood ornament for your vehicle. The installation process is rather quick when completed by a certified company mechanic because he or she already knows how such things are attached, replaced, and installed. You may also decide to purchase and install a vintage hood ornament if you prefer; most manufacturers have some in storage somewhere.