How To Boost Engine Performance

24 April 2019
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If you have had your car for some time, then the car's engine may have lost some of its performance over the years. Fortunately, a few measures can help you boost your car's performance back to its original levels or even surpass the original levels.

Synthetic Lubricants

Natural lubricants are byproducts of the distillation process of oil. Synthetic lubricants, on the other hand, are manufactured in a laboratory. Chemical engineers use natural products to synthesize synthetic lubricants that don't exist in the natural world.

Synthetic lubricants don't break down at high temperatures like natural lubricants. Synthetic lubricants also have better viscosity, stability, and lubrication than natural lubricants. All these attributes help synthetic lubricants to give better engine performance than natural lubricants.

Performance Air Filters

The engine air filter cleans the air that enters the engine, so the engine doesn't get bogged down with the debris. The engine is sensitive, and contamination can easily interfere with its durability and efficiency. Unfortunately, a standard filter also restricts the flow of air into the engine in its bid to keep the air as clean as possible.

Performance air filters, on the other hand, are not as restrictive as standard air filters. The less restrictive filters allow more air to enter the engine, which boosts performance. Just make sure you clean the air filters so that they maintain their efficiency.

Electronic Ignition Kit

Your car's ignition system produces the spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture, which produces engine power. A mechanical ignition, like its name suggests, relies on mechanical parts to time the combustion cycle and deliver the necessary spark plug at the correct time.

An electronic ignition system uses electronic devices, which include sensors, to monitor the combustion cycle and send the necessary sparks at the right time. Electronic ignitions don't have moving parts that wear out (like mechanical ignition systems) and are also more accurate than mechanical systems. These attributes help the electronic ignition system to boost engine power.

Tune-up the Car

A car tune-up is a major service that touches upon all the critical parts of the car. All the fluids of the car, the air filters, and fuel filters, among other things, are changed during a tune-up. The tune-up also cleans gunk out of the engine that may cause engine detonation or other problems.

Some cars don't perform as well as they should do despite regular service. Contact a company like August European for diagnosis and solutions if you want repairs that help boost your car's performance.