High Mileage Auto Care Tips To Prevent Wear Of Older Vehicles And To Spend Less Time In The Shop

21 May 2019
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The mileage that you drive your car over the years causes a lot of wear. When your car is new, the basic maintenance like a tune up and oil change will be enough to prevent problems, but when the mileage is higher, it is going to need more maintenance. The following auto care tips will help with the high mileage maintenance that your car needs as it gets older:

1. Life of Your Brake Pads and The Importance of A Complete Brake Job

The brakes of your car are something you may not think about until they start making noise. It is a good idea to have an auto service do a complete brake job about every half-dozen oil changes to prevent problems and failure. When they service the brakes, they will change the pads, check the disks or drums, and bleed the system to put fresh fluid in.

2. Tire Servicing, Alignments, and Dealing with Worn Suspension Components

Another important high mileage maintenance that needs to be done is a complete tire service and alignment. The tires should be routinely changed and balanced for optimal performance. In addition, an alignment for high mileage maintenance should also include inspecting parts like shocks, connecting rods, and other suspension components for wear or damage.

3. High Mileage Oil Changes and Using Materials That Provide More Engine Protection

One of the maintenance tasks that you will do throughout the life of your car is a routine oil change. When your car gets older, you may want to talk with the auto repair shop about using high mileage lubricants and installing cleanable filters. The cleanable filters will save money on maintenance and allow you to clean them in between routine auto checkups to reduce wear and improve the performance of your high mileage car.

4. Electrical, Plastic, and Rubber Auto Parts That Need to Be Replaced Over the Years

There are also many parts of cars that wear out over time and need to be replaced. This can include things like electrical wiring and components that fail, as well as plastic or rubber components that eventually deteriorate and need to be replaced. Clean these parts with a protective cleaner to reduce wear and ensure they last longer.

These are some tips to help with the high mileage maintenance that your car is going to need as it gets older. If your car is older and starting to show signs of age, contact an auto services company for help with maintenance like brake jobs, alignments, and replacing worn parts.