What You Need To Know About Tire Repairs

14 October 2019
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If something is wrong with your tire, you may have a lot of questions. After all, tires can be complicated if you don't have experience fixing them. In fact, you may not even realize that your tire is repairable at all. The answers to these questions will help you determine your next steps.

Is Your Tire Repairable?

Not all tires can be repaired. Those tires that can be repaired include those with punctures within certain areas. The puncture should be relatively small in diameter, and different punctures should not overlap with each other.

Some tires are not able to be repaired, even by a professional technician with experience. This is typically based on the location of the damage or the severity of the puncture. Certain regions are simply not conducive to repairs. Repairs can typically only occur in the middle part of the tire, right in the center of the tread.

Size also matters when it comes to tire repair. If the puncture is too large, the tire simply cannot be used, even with a patch. Bulging and bubbling in the sidewall of the tire are also not likely to be fixed. Often, these types of damage occur when the wheels hit a curb, pothole, or hitting some other hazard.

How Are Tires Repaired?

Tires are repaired by first removing the tire itself from the rim of the car. The technician will take a look at the inside and outside of the tire, searching for any damage to the interior sidewall. If the technician decides the tires can be repaired, he or she will trim the area to clean it up. They will seal the area inside the tire with a rubber stem that comes from the inside out, and then they will buff the region from the inside. The tech will install a patch over the area that has been punctured and then mount the tire back on the rim before inflating it once again.

Can You Just Do It Yourself?

Tire plugs and at-home patches are not a great idea to use if you have no experience fixing tires. While these tools may stop air leaks, this does not necessarily mean that the tire is okay to continue using. These plugs can fail with time and even further damage your tire. For this reason, it is always a great idea to work with a professional to fix your car's tires.

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