4 Warning Signs From Your Vehicle You Shouldn'T Ignore

29 October 2021
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You don't have to be a professional mechanic to figure out that something is wrong with your vehicle. Often, all you have to do is pay attention to what your vehicle is telling you. Your vehicle can share a lot of information with you if you pay attention to it.

Sign #1: Check Engine Light

First, your check engine light is not just a simple light that comes on whenever it feels like it. Your check engine light is connected to your computer, which is capable of performing a lot of advanced analysis. When your check engine lights up, there is a reason and it should be checked out. When it lights up, your vehicle's computer system is creating codes your mechanic can read, and that will let your mechanic quickly figure out what is wrong and address the issue. Your check engine light could be related to a minor or significant issue, and it shouldn't be ignored.

Sign #2: Other Dash Warning Lights

Second, your check engine light is not the only warning light that can illuminate your dashboard. Other lights, such as your brake lights, will let you know that a specific system or part of your vehicle has an issue that needs to be addressed right away. Pay attention to these lights, and if you are not sure what they are trying to tell you, look up the meaning of the light in your owner's manual or call your mechanic. 

Sign #3: Driving Vibrations

When you are driving, you should experience a smooth ride. If you feel vibrations when you are driving, that is something you are going to want to get addressed right away. Many issues can cause vibrations in your vehicle, which is why you are going to want to get professional help.

For example, if you are feeling vibrations when you are driving at high speeds, it may be because your tires are not balanced or aligned correctly. Or you may be feeling vibrations because your engine doesn't have enough oil. Or your vehicle could be vibrating when you apply the brakes because the rotors and brake pads are worn down. You will want to work with a mechanic to figure out what is behind the shaking you are feeling.

Sign #4: Strange Smells

Your vehicle should not be producing or creating strange smells. If your vehicle smells off, pay attention to what you smell to relay the information to the mechanic.  Which can help them figure out the issue quicker.

For example, a burning smell may mean that your vehicle is experiencing an electrical issue. Or a rotten egg smell may mean that your catalytic converter isn't working properly. Or burning oil could be an engine leak at the top of your engine. All of these are things that your mechanic can fix for you.

If a warning light is illuminated on your dashboard, be it the check engine light, brake light, or any other light, don't ignore that important information you are being provided with. If your vehicle is shaking when driving or braking, or something just feels off to you, pay attention to your instincts and get your vehicle checked out by a qualified mechanic right away. The sooner you take care of the damage. Generally, the less advanced it will be.

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