Four Common Issues That Affect Diesel Engines and How to Handle Them

10 January 2022
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Many people opt for diesel engines because they offer better fuel economy than their petrol counterparts. However, this does not mean they have immunity from all other issues that affect different engine types. Wear and tear are indeed a natural part of engine life. But understanding the problems you could encounter with your diesel engine might help you avoid trouble. It will also help you know where to start the repair process once you have damages. Here are four of the most common issues with diesel engines. 

Sooty Exhaust 

It is common to see black smoke coming out of the exhaust of diesel trucks on the road. However, it is not normal. Black and sooty smoke happen when a vehicle has an imbalance in the mixture of fuel and air. When your system has too much fuel and very little air, the combustion process will not be complete, and the result will be black soot coming out of the exhaust pipe. The auto mechanic can help you check the filter's condition and change it if it is dirty. The problem could also be the fuel injector pump or the exhaust gas recirculation pump. It would help if you considered consulting an experienced diesel mechanic to help you figure out the problem. 

Contaminated Fuel

Fuel contamination is another common issue with diesel engines. It happens because diesel is a little thicker than regular gasoline and has a higher possibility of contamination. Contaminants can cause severe damage to your engine. Some of the common culprits include soot, water, and glycol. Damaged gaskets and seals are the loopholes through which contaminants make their way into your diesel engine. It would help if you had an auto mechanic assess the extent of the damage, drain the fuel tank, clean it, seal the leaks and fill your vehicle up with clean fuel. 

Lack of Engine Power or Overheating

Another common issue with diesel engines is the loss of engine power. It happens when starting the vehicle and also when accelerating. The problem could be because of dirty filters and faulty fuel injectors. The auto mechanic can diagnose and fix the issue, restoring your engine power. Engine overheating is also common in diesel-powered vehicles. Overheating happens when you push it to its limit. Low coolant levels and radiator damages could also be a culprit. 

All these are issues that affect diesel-powered engines. You should speak to a competent auto mechanic about your diesel engine issues and see their solutions. Timely repairs protect your engine from complete failure. To learn more, visit a diesel mechanic in your area.