3 Brake Problems You Might Encounter On The Road

11 May 2022
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Brakes are supposed to be lifesavers. So if they are faulty, you will also face challenges while driving. In some cases, it may not be safe to drive at all. But what could be causing the braking system to malfunction? This article discusses just that and what you should do when it happens. Get to know the warning signs by heart to know when to take your vehicle for brake repair services.

Brake Lights on the Dashboard

The first guiding sign that the braking system needs attention is the brake lights on the dashboard. There are a few possible reasons you are getting this warning. But first, remember that it can be normal for the brake lights to come on when you start the car. 

You should only worry if the lights stay on even after you have released the handbrake. Quite often, this is your cue to take the brakes for inspection. Alternatively, it may mean pressure issues in the brake system due to fluid leaks. Either way, you should take the car to a mechanic right away.

Brake Pedal Is Too Soft

Sometimes the issue may not be visible from the dashboard, but you will feel it when stepping onto the pedals. If the pedal feels unusually soft, they are starting to wear down and thus should be checked. Other times the brakes may be too soft, going all the way to the floor when stepped on.

Whenever you see this, you should seek immediate brake repair services. The most probable cause for this squishiness is a leaking brake system. A closer look may reveal the leaks at the master cylinder.

Car Pulling Towards Left or Right

If your car seems to lean more to the left or right, you should seek auto repair services immediately. The first thing your auto expert will check is if the tires are worn out or misaligned. If the tires are okay, they will check if the pulling is caused by the braking system.

This mainly happens due to uneven wear caused by a frozen caliper when the piston is stuck in the bore. It all begins when the dust boot that is supposed to keep the piston from the effects of the weather wears out.

As a result, dust will reach the caliper and start to rust and corrode, then get stuck. If it is not pushed back to the position by the fluid pressure, the pads will also be under pressure, causing them to wear down unevenly. The only solution to this is to get new a new caliper.

You should never ignore braking system problems for your safety on the road. And now that you know what they look like, you should seek immediate brake repair services.