Is Your Vehicle's EVAP Canister In Need Of Repair Or Replacement?

12 December 2022
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Your vehicle is going to have an EVAP canister, which is also called a charcoal or vapor canister. It plays an important role in storing the vapors of gasoline that come from the fuel tank. The purge valve opens up to send these vapors to the engine, where they are used for the combustion process. Here is what you need to know about the signs that this part is broken.

The Service Engine Light Turns On

The first sign that you may notice is that your service engine light is turned on. It indicates that there is an error code being generated by your vehicle that you need to have investigated. A steady light means it is not a crucial issue, but a flashing light indicates that your vehicle needs service immediately. 

You can take your vehicle to a mechanic that can read the error code for you and start diagnosing the problem. However, many auto part stores also offer code reading services and can tell you what's wrong. You also have the option to buy your own scanner and read the code on your own.

Some error codes are generic, such as P0440, which identifies a problem with the entire EVAP system. Meanwhile, P0441 gets a little more specific with identifying a problem when the incorrect amount of vapor is being purged from the EVAP canister. 

The Gas Pump Turns Off When Refueling

Do you go to fill up your vehicle at the gas station when the tank is low, but the fuel pump keeps shutting off way too early? This could be due to a problem with the EVAP canister. If the canister is clogged, there is going to be more fuel vapor in the canister which gives the appearance to the fuel pump that the gas tank is full. You'll need to have the EVAP canister repaired by a mechanic so that the vapor is exiting the system. 

The Vehicle Fails An Emission Test

If you are required to get an emission test, know that a problem with the EVAP canister could be a reason why your vehicle did not pass the inspection. There is going to be some sort of problem where the vehicle is burning fuel inefficiently, and the EVAP canister is one of them. 

The Vehicle Has A Bad Fuel Smell

If the EVAP canister is cracked, those fuel vapors are going to leak out of the canister and cause a bad fuel smell to be noticeable. If you are smelling fuel and you haven't just filled up your car, know that the EVAP canister could be the problem. For more information, contact an auto shop near you.